Provided below is information and links regarding benefits and services potentially available to you. We strongly recommend, if you are considering requesting services or submitting an application to the VA, that you contact your County Veterans Service Office. Their Service Officers specialize in assisting veterans and their family members with claims, applications, and appeals to the VA.

Please visit our County Veterans Service Offices web page to obtain your County Veterans Service Office's contact information.


Veteran ID Card

For those veterans who are not receiving medical care through the Veterans Health Administration, the VA will issue a Veteran ID Card. Enrollment can be started at the VA website for that at this link.

Does Colorado offer a Military identifier on a license or ID?

Yes, you can request a military identifier on your regular/commercial driver's license or identification card. When applying for the identifier, you must present either your valid military identification card (common access card) OR a DD214. There may be a fee for a duplicate license. Regular renewal fees apply and must choose between Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, National Guard or Navy.

  • The military identifier does not extend to spouses or dependents.
  • The military identifier cannot be applied to any permit.

License Extensions for Military Personnel

Colorado residents on active-duty military status are eligible for a three-year extension on their current driver license if they are stationed outside the state and unable to renew the license. The extension is free, but the request for extension must include a letter from the Service Member's commanding officer for verification.

Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles
Room 164-ROS
PO Box 173350
Denver, CO 80217-3350
fax 303-205-5990


Colorado Driver License Exemption

Active duty U.S. Military personnel and their spouses are exempt from obtaining a Colorado driver license when they have a valid driver license issues by another state. Military personnel on active duty in Colorado and who claim another state as their home state of residence may resister their vehicle(s) in Colorado.

Do I qualify for a Military ID Card?

If you are 100% permanent and total you and all qualifying dependents are eligible for a military ID card. At the time of ID card issuance, the veteran must present a letter from the VA specifying they have a 100% service-connected disability rating along with their discharge paper. You may obtain your ID card from any DEERS office. To find your nearest DEERS office use the RAPIDS Site Locator.

When a military retiree is deceased, the military record must be updated reflecting the change and all qualifying dependents must be issued a new ID card. Visit your nearest DEERS office to update the record.

Regularly check the expiration of your ID card to ensure it is up to date.

For questions call DEERS: 1-800-538-9552.